The Company / Our Philosophy

Since 1984 the company Graf Technik GmbH is leading in the manufacturing and the worldwide sales of wet blast systems, ultrasonic and washing systems.

The applications of Graf cleaning systems are widely spread, especially of our wet blast systems:

Cleaning of extrusion dies for the aluminium industry, injection moulds from the plastic industry and moulds for the rubber industry.

Cleaning of parts for the semi conductor and optical industry, and parts from vacuum pumps are further important applications since many years.

Further applications are surface finishing of components, deburring of piston and housing parts, cleaning of motor / gear box components.

In the last 20 years, the defined edge honing of cutting edges of precision tools, as well as the activation and polishing of PVD/CVD-coatings of cutting tools have tremendously moved into the forground.

We have acknowledged the changes in the application areas from the beginning by inventing, redesigning and optimizing especially of our automatic wet blast systems.

We offer our customers the complete service by our team from one source:

Starting with the design, manufacturing, worldwide sales, installation, starting up until the supply with wear / spare parts and working material.

All our machines are made in a rigid, solid stainless steel construction. At our wet blast systems all critical core components and assembly groups had been developed and are manufactured by us. So we can ensure the longest possible lifetime and the highest availability of the machine.