Wet Blast Cleaning Systems

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The machine sump is filled with a mixture of water and blasting medium.

Depending on the machine size and type normally 40 – 60 kg of blast media are filled in.
This mixture is transported via our own developped, extremely wear resistant wet blast pump via rigid and thick walled pipes and tubes to the blast guns.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are tanks with a liquid solution, mainly sodium hydroxide (soda caustic), in which moulds and parts are being cleaned by immersion with ultrasonic support.

For the various applications of mould and die cleaning, we have developed and tested out throughout the years corresponding chemicals.

Those are added to the tank with a cocentration of 10 to 20 %.

Washing Systems

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An additional manufacturing branch from our copmany are washing systems.

The machines are being made according to the customers needs and demands. Some washing machines are manufactured in a similiar design as our wet blast machines. The machines can be executed as stand-alone versions, or even in-line, e.g. in connection with a wet blast system.