Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are tanks with a liquid solution, mainly sodium hydroxide (soda caustic), in which moulds and parts are being cleaned by immersion with ultrasonic support.

For the various applications of mould and die cleaning, we have developed and tested out throughout the years corresponding chemicals.

Those are added to the tank with a cocentration of 10 to 20 %.

Our highly efficient ultrasonic tanks are characterised by the following quality points:

  • All tanks are manufactured in solid and rigid stainless steel execution.
  • The ultrasonic elements are assembled below the water level, inside the tanks. The elements are easy exchangeable.
  • Depending on the application, ceramic heating elements in stainless steel tubes or hung in heaters made of stainless steel are built in.
  • The ultrasonic generators we use are modern and are high quality units.
    They also can work with different frequencies (optional).
  • All the dirt, which is being seperated from the moulds and parts, as well as grease and oil are filtered out from the ultrasonic tank. This is realised with a cascade. A a result, the lifetime of the cleaning agent is prolonged.

For the cleaning of moulds in the plastic and rubber sector, we have developed powerful ultrasonic systems, which are running since many years at well known companies.

We offer our ultrasonic systems in different sizes as single chamber tanks, as well as cleaning line with several tanks.

Ultrasonic tanks from the standard sizes are available in a very short delivery time.