Wear and spare parts

At all of our Standard and small series machines we use exclusively reliable and problem free components and assembly groups.
When machines are newly developed, we only assemble similiar, rsp. modified existing units, according to the application.  

The advantage for our customers is the easy recognition and our rapid delivery capacity of wear and spare parts.

When special gear drives or motors are built in, we recommend our customers to stock certain important parts.
Almost all motors / gear drives, which we have assembled in the last 10 – 15 years, we do have on our stock.  

The parts and components, which are used at our machines, like wet blast pumps, blast guns, adaptors, cyclones, hoses, etc., consist of extremly wear resistant materials.
Therefore those parts have a very long lifetime.  

It is very imortant for us, that all machines offer good maintenance access in service cases. Therefore all machines are equipped with min. 2 sufficient big doors.

The components are assembled in a way, that they can be exchanged fast and easy. Assembly groups, like oscillation unit, turntable drive, etc. are always mounted outside of the wear zones, e.g. on the machine roof, so that they can work unproblematic.
Even if a part has to be changed at those units it can be done with a good access.  

By using those high-quality materials, and our experience of 28 years in manufacturing cleaning systems, we have reached a quality level, which we judge as absolutely error low.

We keep on our stock a huge amount of all different wear and spare parts, which can be supplied immediately.