Soda Caustic Tanks

In-line soda caustic tanks, in stainless steel version

Soda caustic tanks are exclusively in use in the aluminium industry for etching out the aluminium of extrusion dies.

In such tanks, high concentated soda is being used. So the liquid is heated, up to approx. 90 – 95° Centigrade. Afterwards the extrusion dies are inserted into the tank. By inserting of the dies, there is a reaction with the aluminium and the soda, so that the temperature exceeds 100° Centigrade. The dies will be „cooking“ for several hours in the hot soda.
After this cleaning time the aluminium is „eaten out“ from the die.

Similiar to the ultrasonic tanks, several tanks can be placed in a row, e.g. to work with different concentrations, to have a higher capacity, or to add a rinsing tank.

To achieve a satisfying final cleaning result, the extrusion dies have to be wet blasted after the soda process.

With our wet blasting systems, the dies are being cleaned perfectly and even simultaneously polished (see description Graf wet blast process).