Compact II Manual


This machine type ressembles our smallest manual machine.

There are 2 doors. The right hand door opens by 90° to the ground. At this side the turntable is swivelled out. This feature offers an easy and fast loading possibilty. As this machine has no loading station, the advantage of this principal is that the water which drips down from the cleaned moulds or parts, will flow back into the machine.

The additional second door at the left hand side is for maintenenance purposes within the machine. Above the front window is the control panel, where all machine functions are accessed, adjusted and monitored. At the back of the machine, the filter tank unit is located, which seperates the dirt, or oil / grease which is blasted away.

Secondly, it works as rinse tank with a manual rinse gun, so that the cleaned moulds and dies are being rinsed of from the blast media, by using cyle water.

Economy Manual


The wet blast machines of the Economy-series are reduced to the most important functions, but they even definetely meet our high quality standard.

Our smaller wet blast pump is installed here, which is absolutely powerful enough for manual appications. This model is not made to offer many options, in contrast to the Standard-versions. Also the used stainless steel sheets are not polished, which ist just an optical difference. These and some other points allow us to offer a more price sensitive machine.

The machine has a loading station, which is mounted at the right-hand side, with a trolley made of stainless steel and a turntable made of high ressistant Polyurethane (PU).

So heavy parts can be loaded onto the table and into the machine. Above the front window the whole control panel is placed. So all machine functions can be adjusted and controlled.

Together with this machine a filter tank made of stainless steel with rinse pump is alo supplied.

Standard Manual


This machine version is available in different sizes:

It ranges from the 1,25 m until the 1,80 m version. With these sizes, the square dimension of the machine itself is defined.

Typical features of the Standard models are the extreme robust and solid execution, our extrem powerful (2-speeds) highly wear resistant wet blast pump, as well as the fine polished stainless steel finish. A additional features include the cyclone, mounted at the back side of the machine, so that the (broken) blasting media can be exchanged quickly out of the system, and the possibility to install the loading station at both sides of the machine.

The Standard version is equipped with a loading station with trolley and a high wear-resistant turntable made of Polyurethane. As an option, a filter rinse tank made of stainless steel with pneumatic diaphragm pump, as well as an electrical turntable drive with frequency inverter can be delivered.

Above the front window is the control panel, where all machine functions are accessed, adjusted and monitored.

Due to the stable construction and the powerful blast pump, the machine is made perfectly for the treatment of heavy and big parts and for expensive moulds with a sensitive surface.